Ili Lu, Ph.D.,

Dr. Lu is an accomplished leading expert in analytics and recognized internationally for his research in the theory and applications of statistics, econometrics, and data classification. Offering over 26 years of demonstrated career success; conceiving and cultivating new ideas and leading organizations to the forefront of cutting edge technologies. Developing and executing operational strategies to promote organizational growth and optimal utilization of emerging technologies. Strategically and cost effectively utilizing technology in alignment with corporate goals. Dr. Lu was the leading executive member of the Business Analytics group and the focal point of Analytics Core Technology in the Walmart Information Systems Division. He was a core faculty member in the Department of Biostatistics of the Virginia Commonwealth University, and an affiliate faculty in the Department of Biostatistics of the University of Washington and an adjunct faculty in the School of Medicine of the Tufts University. Dr. Lu was the reliability focal point for Boeing Research & Technology. He led the conceptual and research development of MSG-3 based decision support optimization tools, which initiate proactive data driven statistical analyses on maintenance data collected for model-specific fleets flown by multiple operators under different operating conditions and environments. He was an active member of the American Statistical Association and the Institute of Mathematical Statistics. He is recognized internationally for his research on the theory and applications of random matrices and classification of probability distributions. Dr. Lu has extensive experience in planning and building multidisciplinary teams; and in leading the research, design, and implementation of cutting-edge, robust and flexible multifunctional business decision tools. He has developed classification methods and identified new multivariate probability distributions and characterized their distributional properties; he has developed similarity metrics and their stochastic properties in data classification using classical as well as Bayesian statistical concepts. Dr. Lu’s experience spans across multiple sectors and industries and has over 26 years of experience collaborating with researchers in the federal government, academia, and private industries. He has research and teaching interests spans across Multivariate Statistical Models, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Reliability/Survival Analysis, Stationary/Non-stationary Time Series Data Analysis, Experimental and Sampling Designs, Resampling Methods, Longitudinal Data Analysis, Decision Theory, Probability Modeling, Meta-analysis, to Econometric and Financial Modeling.

Dr. Lu received his Ph.D. degree in Mathematical Statistics from the Department of Statistics of the University of Virginia, he earned his master’s degree in economics with focus in Econometrics from the Department of Economics of the University of Virginia. He has 54 refereed research papers and technical reports published in leading journals of Statistics, and Probability. He has over 72 paper presentations including 47 engagements as invited speaker with publications in the proceedings of various statistical and analytical conferences and universities.