About Us

Since 2006, we’ve been dedicated to developing, designing and advancing the application of next generation big data technologies. dMining Technologists are pioneers in Machine Learning Platforms, Artificial Intelligence, & have helped shape the landscape of what is known today as “Data Science”.

Our team...the pioneers of Data Science!

What is 'Data Mining' and why is it important?

Data mining identifies trends within data that go beyond simple analysis. Through the use of sophisticated algorithms, users have the ability to identify key attributes of business processes and target opportunities.

The term "data mining" is often used to apply to the two separate processes of knowledge discovery and prediction. Knowledge discovery provides explicit information that has a readable form and can be understood by a user. Forecasting, or predictive modeling provides predictions of future events and may be transparent and readable in some approaches (e.g. rule based systems) and opaque in others such as neural networks. Moreover, some data mining systems such as neural networks are inherently geared towards prediction and pattern recognition, rather than knowledge discovery.


dMT takes your data and transforms it into a digestible format. We'll show you your data relationship allowing you to augment your business in a more profitable fashion.

Although our principles have all taught at leading research universities, they have no shortage of real-world experience. Our principles have also worked with the largest data consumers in the world in retail, government, and non-profit sectors.